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Recent scientific and technological advances have led to a significantly improved understanding of human genetic variations, with major implications for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of human diseases.

Unfortunately, these advances are yet to be transferred to the benefit of the global community, especially to the benefit of those living in less industrialized countries, who live under the burden of poverty and poor health infrastructure.

This situation creates unprecedented opportunities for establishing global partnerships that will lead to the development of health care delivery systems to meet the needs of resource poor communities such as exist in African countries.

Healthy Life for All Foundation is strategically positioned to bridge the knowledge gaps and serve as a catalyst for scientific renaissance in Africa through technology transfer from the developed world to African nations, starting from the Giant of Africa (Nigeria).

Our Mission

>> Increase health awareness through public advocacy.
>> Invest in human capital development.
>> Engage civil societies.
>> Create infrastructure for scientific inquiries.
>> Develop public-private partnerships in health care.
>> Foster scientific think tanks..

Our Objectives

>> To create avenue for pursuance of healthy living lifestyles
>> for individuals, amongst communities and nations.
>> To build capacity through technology transfer.
>> To develop infrastructure for the ethical conduct of clinical trials.
>> To develop educational opportunities for health promotion initiatives.
>> To develop an active Bioethics program.
>> To foster opportunities for public/private partnerships through developmental projects and service activities and national discourse on contemporary issues.
>> To organize various health related activities amongst communities, etc.
>> To foster the development of support groups for chronic diseases such as Sickle Cell Disease, Asthma, Cancer, Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

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Copyright by HLFONLINE. All rights reserved.